Managing Director, Jebagro GmbH


Dear business partners,


It’s my pleasure to welcome you to Jebagro! As member of the Jebsen & Jessen group, Jebagro is responsible for customized solutions concerning crop protection.


Jebagro is strongly committed to the needs of its customers and suppliers, hence our variety of strategies serves all stakeholders.We make use of our great sourcing network around the world to serve with best quality and just-in-time delivery. This makes us the best choice in procurement of crop protection products. 


Jebagro grants a strong supplier credit adding payment terms tailored to the needs of our customers. Our sales platform model offers a well established alternative to give market access to producers and other registration holders, which allows them to position their products and brands.


Moreover we hold own registrations and continuously extend our portfolio in many markets.


I’m looking forward to get in contact with you and discuss our collaboration.


Once again a warm welcome to Jebagro!


Yours sincerely 


Maximilian Witt

General Manager, Jebagro GmbH


Dear business Friends,

When founding agchem business in Jebsen & Jessen, Hamburg – about 1,5 decades ago - we did not expect  such a  successful and fast growing development. This is based on our innovative, tailor made business models always focussing on the needs and demands of our partners. Most important are you, our business partners and our long lasting relations with you.

Jebagro is established to focus even more on the needs of the agchem sector which undergoes significant changes in these days. Again we are developing different strategies for different challenges, always having in mind to obtain a most sustainable solution for all parties involved.

All this is being done by  living a „JJ“ culture and always remembering our roots. So we will develop by evolution and not revolution in close relation and understanding with our partners in the industry over the world.

Thanking you for your trust , suggestion and input.

Truly Yours,

Michael Luethje

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Business development

Business development

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Supply chain management and logistics

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